About MedNux

seattle web designMedNux is the world’s first global virtual meeting point to all medical device commerce, MedNux platform enable you to generate sales, connect easily with your customers, share your knowledge, create and find new business opportunities whether you are a Manufacturer, Reseller of Medical Equipment, Equipment maintenance Service providers or Logistics and Finances experts.

MedNux provides you an ideal platform for targeting, generating, and developing new business opportunities,MedNux facilitates your sales, your contact with customers, and information-sharing with your customers.

  • Your own online store –  with unlimited products complete with customer tracking and communication.
  • Company and service providers Index
  • Professional  conferences and Events
  • Professional social network
  • Knowledge base that include a Professional Articles and Blog platforms
  • Intelligent matching between capital, investors to companies and entrepreneurs

Combining these worlds together with a unique set of business suite features gives you a powerful tool to grow your business.

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