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MedNux | the home for medical business

welcome to breakthrough in the field of the medical device industry centralized under one unique innovative platform   -  MedNux.com

MedNux.com acts as a pioneer, leading innovating platform in the field of medical industries commerce and information sharing by using state-of-the-art technologies

MedNux.com was founded in a vision of mitigate the existing challenges medical business came-across on a daily basis. We developed a platform which make it easy to connect, share information and commerce products. We are putting many efforts in increasing business opportunities by participate in our enhanced investment-relation center
In order to realize this vision, Mednux has been using in a number of main features

Who are you ?

Many of MedNux ambitious goals are to achieve the purposes for which it is registered, so you can choose the most appropriate module for you, so we can provide you with the exact requirements for your company and for yourself.

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Store Owner

Open Store Owner account today in MedNux, uploading all your products, managing inventory and manage your distributors and Sellers through the System management interfaces

Sample title
Distributor / Seller

Open a seller account in MedNux, Uploading your Products to MedNux MarketPlace and it Will be exposed to wide world users in the medical device and medical equipment industry

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Company & Services Provider

Join today for businesses and medical service providers registered worldwide and get accurate exposure to your target audiences around the world

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Job Hunter

The perfect place for talent hunters in the field of medical equipment

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Event Organizers

Published here an event or conference in the field of global medical devices

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Forum/Blog Owner

Manage your own professional blog or set up a professional forum


What you are looking for?

MedNux emphasizes provide a fast and accurate for users, so you can choose the module that suits you best and get maximum response for requirements

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Medical Device Product
local_grocery_storeOver 75,000 Products
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Store Owner Selected
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MedNux Professional Social
Over 12,000 Members
Sample title
Company and Service Providers
Sample title
2018-2019 Medical Event around the world
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Find the best jobs, employers and career advice
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Knowledge Management

Articles and professional information, participation in forums, blogs and communities


What is MedNux?

MedNux.com is the world’s global meeting-point for medical device industry, aiming to solve the existing challenges in the medical equipment domain. MedNux.com presents a newly innovative Internet platform, paving the bridge in connecting all medical infrastructure and service-providers entities under one united professional user-friendly, yet, transparent platform. 
MedNux.com presents solution based on several aspects, starting with top-of-the-art E-commerce of medical equipment devices platform, to a professional databases and knowledge management aiming to help accessibility and productivity of it’s unique users. In addition to the above-mentioned, MedNux.com reveals a professional networking environment, which gathers all the relevant entities under one centralized platform and allows professional-social communication channel. MedNux.com using sophisticated Artificial-Intelligence algorithms which allow suppliers and customers to maximize both profits and exposure, by connecting them directly to their target market segments and to relevant audience in the medical industries domain. 
According to Mr. Yaron Kalbo , The Founder of MedNux.com and active as Chief Executive Officer: 
"MedNux.com was founded in a vision of mitigate the existing challenges medical business came-across on a daily basis. We developed a platform which make it easy to connect, share information and commerce products. We are putting many efforts in increasing business opportunities by participate in our enhanced investment-relation center”

Now in MedNux MarketPlace, Over than 70,000 systems, products and spare parts

MedNux Extra Features

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system.

On the registration panel, you can choose one of the best registration programs for you to start selling your products and earning from now on

We operate an Affiliate program for our customers in the company and service providers index.


MedNux Professional Social Platform

In MedNux Professional Social Members can share their status, upload products and their photos, post videos, create events and more. They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends.
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MedNux Professional Social Features

- MedNux Professional Social -


Members can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events and more. They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends.


Comment on posts and add images to the comment.


Like posts and comments.

extensionEasy Moderation

The admin can delete and edit posts, and ban or block members.

Featured Posts

The admin can feature posts by showing them at the top of the stream.


Filter activity stream by post type or publisher

Admin Posts

The admin can post a special stream post with the most popular groups, photos, members, and more.

- MedNux Professional Social -


Our powerful share box allows your members to post text, videos and photos, embed content from other sites and share moods and location.


Tag other members and they’ll receive a notification.

Location Sharing

Share your location with other members.

credit_cardEmbed.ly Integration

Show beautiful cards from SoundCloud, AirBNB, KickStarter and more.

add_a_photoPhoto Share

Share your memories via photo's upload

videocamVideo Share

Share videos using video link and uploads.

insert_drive_fileFile Share

Upload files on profile wall, groups and Events

- MedNux Professional Social -

PROFILES Extra Features

Create custom profile questions for your community. Members can add cover photos and avatars.

Cover photos and avatars

Share your favorite cover photo and profile.

Admin Moderation

Make any changes to members’ profiles, edit content, and ban offensive contributors.

Customized Profiles

Add any fields to a profile.

Multi Profiles

Create different profile types.

Profile Info on Covers

Place the content of any profile fields right on the profile cover.

shareShare Profiles

Share profiles on social media sites

- MedNux Professional Social -


Members can contact each other privately, reply, delete messages using inbox and chatbar.

content_copyGroup Messaging and chat

Write to more than one member at a time with chatbar.

Share Photos and Files

Add photos and files to messages.

lock_openWhy we do it

Block members if necessary.

- MedNux Professional Social -


Receive real-time alerts on new comments, likes, friend requests and messages. Keep your members engaged and interested all the time.

Email Alerts

Receive alerts via email.

On-Site Alerts

Receive alerts on the site in real time.

Customize Alerts

Customize the choice of alerts to receive.

- MedNux Professional Social -


Members can schedule events, invite friends and easily keep track of their real-life meetings.


Make events private or public.

Activity Stream

Update the event with posts, share videos, photos and more.


Show a list of event participants.

Event Details

Show event location and information.

Social Sharing

Share the event on social media sites.

Invite Friends

Invite friends to join the event.

insert_drive_fileFile share

Upload important documents on event wall (zip, txt, pdf, doc, docx, ppt etc)

Import Events

Import events from iCal.

- MedNux Professional Social -


Groups can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite friends, schedule events and hold important discussions.

Activity Stream

Post status, videos, images and more inside the group.

Group Privacy

Groups can be private, public or secret.


Make any announcements related to the group.


Discuss any topics relevant to the group.


Create group events for group members only.

Invite Friends

Invite friends to join the group.

File Sharing

Invite friends to join Share files with other group members. group.

- MedNux Professional Social -

PHOTOS Extra Features

Easy-to-use photo galleries make profiles fun to browse, comment on and view.


Tag faces on photos you or other members upload.

Modal Window Viewing

View photos with navigation, comments and other options.


Each member, group and event has its own photo galleries.


Admin can moderate photos on the front end and on the admin interface.

- MedNux Professional Social -

VIDEOS Extra Features

Members can easily share videos from all the major video hosting sites, including YouTube, facebook, Vimeo and many others. We import the title and description automatically.

Upload Videos

Upload your videos.

Share Videos

Share videos from video hosting sites.

Video Galleries

Display videos in video galleries.

Video Categories

Create video categories to organize your videos.

Video Tagging

Tag members in videos.

Video Comments

Make comments on videos, like and reply to comments

Let's Make It Together!

MedNux E-Commerce, Shops and Stors account
Open a Seller account, then Simply upload your Products and Start selling.
Open a Stoe owner account then Using the Store owner account will allow you to add sellers to your store, assign products to your sales team by product or Region

Sample title
MedNux brings intuitive and efficient solutions to Medical Device industry and medical equipment challenges .
MedNux helps you simplify your product catalogue turning it effortless and schematic, Empower just the few clicks to let the Customers find you. Become a vendor of their choice and skyrocket your business. 
Manage Complex Inventory with ease MedNux is designed to handle complex inventory of Medical Device industry. 

We anchor to handle manufacturers, part numbers and series. At MedNux, we understand compound and advanced inventory, management and sales in the electronic component industry. Not only we handle it well in our database, but we also showcase it to make MedNux and decision process easy for the end client.

Mednux Commerce and Shop Pricing Table

Choose the best pricing plan for your needs

Seller Account

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storeStore Owner Account

Your image


  • Open a seller account and then upload your products in select categories and start selling and earning immediately


  • Open a Store owner account, Design your store as you wish, Upload your products in multi categories and then Using the Store owner account will allow you to add sellers to your store, assign products to your sales team by product or Region

MedNux E-Commerce, Shops and Stors Features

 - MedNux E-Commerce and Shops -


Offer unlimited variants of the products in your store and let that be managed by a mile with sellacious, WIth an admin panel so strong and easy, you can now manage your products with least of your efforts involved.

Unlimited Categories and Products

With MedNux, We make sure you have the privilege to have as many products and categories as possible. We ensure our users can operate their store easily without any limitations, MedNux makes sure your store operates as perfectly as your products.

Product Options (Variants)

MedNux Comes with an outline to let you enjoy listing variants of each product, Product management and listing is so easy with MedNux, Lets you have unlimited variants based on color, size and many other attributes which are filterable if you need to be or turn the feature off.

Multiple product type

MedNux comes with an outline to let you enjoy listing not only just physical products but also digital products as well as the packages. You can now sell different type of products with ease.

Child Products

MedNux anticipates the need of having a different classification of products yet having the main product identical, thus, we lay down the feature of child products for our users, Where when categories are not enough, You can create products under them.

Inventory Options

Let sellacious manage your product inventory or do it manually. You can also set over sales limit.

Special Categories

Stand out from other products using this special feature. In a multivendor scenario, You can even charge a listing fee from your sellers.

Related products

Choose to enhance your sales and user satisfaction of quality and options, You can select to show related products to your buyers under product view to let them scroll through other products.

Product comparison

Compare two or more products using this in-built tool and let your customer make a better decision hence reducing the return ratio and increasing the satisfaction.
- MedNux E-Commerce and Shops -

Bulk Management

In view of efficient and effective management, Sellacious phase in the idea of Bulk management making the administration of your store time productive. With us, Bulk edit your inventory or store products better in absolutely no time

Keyboard shortcuts

Juggling between mouse and the keyboard is not required while managing your store, While sellacious comes intact with many easy to handle Keyboard shortcuts. Bulk edit your products without using a mouse, Sellacious provides keyboard shortcuts that make heading up your store a breeze.

Variant editor

Offering variants of products to your buyers should not come as hefty management to you, Want to update the value of multiple variants in a single go? “Manage Variants” options here come at your disposal to let you edit all the variants of selected products without a hitch.

Stock updation

Stock updation is now effortless and smooth taking least of your time, With Bulk editing feature of sellacious, Updating the stock and inventory as easy as few clicks here and few clicks there, Forget the time-taking process of editing your inventory one by one.

Price and margin editor

Bulk management is even more reliable with you able to manage all your settings of price and margin with such ease and access, Select and filter all the products needed and edit profit or margin in a single go with just a keyboard shortcut to your bestowal.

- MedNux E-Commerce and Shops -

Store Management

Sellacious keeps your faith in it by putting forward an easy, non-complex and powerful panel which gives you the honour of managing your store effectively and efficiently. Sellacious has taken care of all your needs.

Simple and Powerful admin panel

Sellacious keeps in mind that managing your store should not be a challenge to its users and has introduced the admin panel that is so easy, simple and non-complex. Modify your store as per your needs with built-in class control panel. Sellacious has thousands of options for you intact in a simple interface.

Beautiful Invoices

Undertaking the importance of it, Invoices is a part not neglected by sellacious. Offering standard invoice templates designed keeping the best UI practices in mind, You can modify it even further using just the HTML all at your perusal.

Inventory and Order Management

Sellacious has paid all its heed on easy management and administration of the store, letting its users engage in a weighty experience, Sellacious is alert to all the details and automatically does the inventory management part for you. You just need the order screen to effectively manage your orders.

Multi-currency and Geolocations

Sellacious wary that you don’t charge your DIRHAM buyer in USD. own an effective store with attention on all the details of currency and locations. Now, Modify any currency, set forex rates and use it. Sellacious also lets you create geo- locations customised as per your requisite.

Measurement Units

Sellacious comes built-in with mostly used measurement units. Units can be categorised, and there is an option to set conversion rates for the group. This lets a user select his/her preferred measurement unit which can be converted on the fly.

Create product filters

Create additional attributes for category and set filters on basis of it. Filters can be checkbox or text based.

- MedNux E-Commerce and Shops -


Selling and buying your e-products is as easy as physical products with sellacious. Enjoy trading your images, softwares, e-books or any product while we deliver features to ensure you enjoy setting up your digital ecommerce store with all our features at your disposal.

Download period and limit

Select how many times a file can be downloaded after purchase or avail it for a limited period of time.


Create and set license type for a download. You can charge a different price for licenses. You can adjust the number of permitted usage with this option.

Download Stats

Know the number of downloads for each of your product.

Allowed types

Sell images, any kind of documents, music, videos or tutorials via Sellacious. Just set the allowed types and rest all is handled by Sellacious.


Setting up a stock image store? Upload a translucent watermark that stays over product view so that it can not be copied.

- MedNux E-Commerce and Shops -


Sellacious lays its foot in offering you effective management and administration of your store, Manage stock and over sales limit of product of your store with just few clicks, We indulge in offering you advantageous panel putting in place the idea of bulk management to bulk edit your inventory or store products better in absolutely no time.

Variants inventory

Offering variants of products to your buyers should not come as hefty management to you, With Sellacious, you can update the value of multiple variants in a single go as well as different stocks for different variants of the same product. In Instance, You can have 3 different sizes for same products and can update stock for each variant particularly.

Bulk Management

In view of efficient and effective management, Sellacious phase in the idea of Bulk management making the administration of your store time productive. With us, Bulk edit your inventory or store products better in absolutely no time.

Stock management

With sellacious, Stock updation is now effortless and smooth taking least of your time, Updating the stock and inventory as easy as few clicks here and few clicks there. Introducing the idea of automatic inventory management on the basis of order statuses.

Over-sales limit

We never let you loose your buyers, use over sales limit as your pre-order tool. Using the feature of sellacious, set how many products can be ordered even after the product is unavailable. Utilise the mark to have insights of pre-sales of your products.

- MedNux E-Commerce and Shops -


With Sellacious offering you variants of features and ease at every step, you can now manage your orders like a pro, Deal with your orders effortlessly with just few clicks accessing everything you need from your store.

Customisable statuses

Benefacting your customers of their order status made more accurate and personalised with sellacious letting you tailor your status and add more options for status tracking with ease. Modify different footing for different kind of products viz. physical, electronic, package and so much more.

Stock affect

MedNux makes sure your inventory works in coordination with your orders and their statuses for better management of your store, Setting the inventory effects with each order status. Casing, As soon as the order starts processing, it should be locked and with success of payment, it should be marked sold.

Next Status

Let your store be convenient and logical with least efforts involved, With our smart next allowed status option, Link the order statuses of your store and work methodical. Tracing the pattern, Control that your buyers can not opt to return an undelivered item.

Customer group

Considering the essentiality of grouping your customers in different groups, Sellacious offers you the flexibility to create specific order standing only for a specific set of users. Skip the payment step for your VIP users if needed, or modify as per your need. We make managing your store fun/easy more than a responsibility.

Order notes

We understand the need of personalisation and need for offering it to your customers as well, Where Sellacious lets you offer it to your customers as well. Now accept customised orders by Introducing your customers to the notes section on order page. Can be used as mandatory or passed as needed.

MedNux Store Owner

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Mednux Companies and Services providers Index

As a part of the intelligent connection between Medical Companies/Resellers and purchasers, Decision makers. Mednux operate the companies and service providers Index to give its customers the best informative and administrative solutions. Mednux’s emphasis is on lowering overhead costs, and increasing market share to all its customers in the close and far business circles tangents in the different commerce market places, social networks through giving Mednux customers Internet tools to grow their business.

Business Development

Business Development

Emergency Medicine Division

Emergency Medicine Division

General Hospital Division

General Hospital Division

Imaging and Scanning Division

Imaging and Scanning Division

Internal Medicine Division

Internal Medicine Division

Laboratory Medicine Divistion

Laboratory Medicine Division

Services providers Division

Services providers Division

Surgery-Room Division

Surgery-Room Division


Add Your Business to Companies & Services Providers Listing 

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